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There are so many different opinions about what is the right way to educate students in our day and time. When you look at the pros and cons of our current system in the US, the cons far outweigh the pros. Many of the pros of the Common Core Standards are just barely positive. Regardless of which reformer one agrees or disagrees with, one thing that can easily be seen is that our education system definitely needs to be changed because students are not being prepared for the future.


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2 thoughts on “World Class Learners Blog 4

  1. I enjoyed your view of the pros and cons and also enjoyed the layout of your prezi. My prezi is all over the place (mirrors my mind). I also enjoyed the addition of the cons when you mentioned that art is left out (Zhao, 2012). An area of creativity, which our students sorely need, is often not available to them in school anymore.

    I also agree that students have very little voice in their education (Summerhill, n.d.). I have enjoyed many classes taken at WKU that have shared ideas on how to engage students in the learning process in the technology, gifted and math education classes I have taken over the lat three years. However, implementation is baby steps and much trial and error!

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  2. I like your Prezi and how you organized it to compare Pros and Cons. The point you made about students having very little voice is so true and much research suggests this is not a good thing. The research of both Einstein and Csikszentmihalyi present lifelong intrinsic learning as doing something with such enjoyment that you don’t notice that the time passes (principle of FLOW) (Juliani, 2014). Juliani strongly supports learning by choice and giving students the opportunity to explore their interests. Also the point you made about schools not teaching critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration is very true and not beneficial for students. The ASCD also supports by stating that a creative and innovative curriculum emphasizes big ideas and conceptual patterns rather than discrete information taught in isolation (ASCD, 2009). I think it is very important that students get to chose what they learn to promote life long learning and higher achievement. It is also important to teach conceptual patterns and problem solving if we are going to prepare students for the future.

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