7 thoughts on “Prensky Blog Prompt 3

  1. Response to Lisa Daugherty:
    Hi Lisa,
    I like your Powtoon. I chose to use that for my blog response as well. I liked how you were able to connect Brown and Prensky with the topics of real and relevancy. I attempted to do that for my response, but had a difficult time coming up with a way to connect the thoughts from the two men. I feel that we need to let the fun back into schools. It seems with all of the testing and mandates the fun has all been sucked out of education.

  2. Wow Jennifer! Your Powtoon looks like a professional made it! You must really have a flair for this kind of project. You were also very thorough. Great job!

  3. I love your Powtoon! I chose to use that too. It looks very professional, and answers the questions. This has been my favorite blog posting! I teach kindergarten, and the idea that we do not “play” as much as we should bothers me. I love the research behind allowing students to play in their learning!

  4. This is a great job. I really enjoyed the video that you used. I wish that I had actually chosen to do this prompt, but I am glad that I did number three. I really enjoyed seeing the video from Adora. But the video you showed was a great one as well.

  5. Response to Kyle Comley:
    Hi Kyle,
    I also used Powtoon for my response. I really enjoyed how you gave real examples for each subject area. If a Principal is able to prove to teachers that this method is applicable in all areas, I feel they would be more likely to “buy in” and try this in their classes. The embedded videos really helped support your response.

  6. Great incorporation of the TED Talk.

    You provided great explanations and examples. I concur with fostering creativity and not getting stuck in our adult ways. Learning should be fun, engaging, creative, and personal. In fact, I think many students would get a lot out of using and playing with PowToon as a means of creativity.

  7. I enjoyed watching your Powtoon video. I think this is a great way to get information across instead of just using powerpoint. I think that Prensky and Brown’s beliefs on being creative are an important part of making sure students are successful at learning. If students can be more creative while at school they are more likely to remember what is being learned. We need to show students how to be creative and we need to be creative.

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