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Class Expectations

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Class Dojo

Class Dojo will be one of the tools used to not only show how your child is performing on a daily basis, but to communicate with you as a parent about many different things going on in the classroom and school. It allows the teacher to post pictures of activities and work the students have completed and instant message with parents.

Each student will start the day with 4 points. Points will be accumulated throughout the week, for a maximum total of 20 points for a regular 5 day week (points will be adjusted for shorter weeks i.e. a 4 day week will have a maximum total of 16 points). Most students will receive a 3 on most days. A 3 can be comparable to an S on a report card. A 4 is received for exceptional behavior that went above and beyond. Rewards, such as Friday Fun, are given for those students that receive a total of 15 or more points for the week. You can check in on Class Dojo to see how many points your student has throughout the week. The daily score for students will be written in their Agenda and sent home each evening. It is extremely important that you review your child’s Agenda each evening and sign the Agenda. The Agenda is checked each morning and is an important form of communication between myself and parents.

School Messenger

School Messenger is new for JCPS for the 2018-19 school year. You can click on the link to read more information about School Messenger and where to go to download the app.

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