20% Project

Update 11/20/16:

My 20% project is a website created by my STLP group.



Update 11/4/16:

With having Halloween on a Monday, we did not have our weekly STLP meeting, so nothing was worked on as far as the 20% project website. We do not have school on this coming Monday, so that’s another week without a meeting. At this point, I’m trying not to panic. Time is flying and I don’t feel like we have made enough progress. I’m hoping I can maybe pull some of the STLP students during my time in the Computer Lab on Wednesday to work on the website. I want them to create a video blog post about their impressions of STLP and what they are learning. I also need to discuss some cyber safety issues, such as not putting last names on posts.


Update 10/18/16:

We now have the STLP website up and running. The students worked on taking more video of their work with the VEX robot. I showed them some of the basics of WordPress and how to embed a video from YouTube. I told them they will take turns making posts after each of our meetings. They will also each make a post to introduce themselves and describe what they are doing with STLP. Another thing they will have to do is decide on a Theme for the website and if they want to change colors, texts, add pictures, etc.


Update 10/4/16:

I was speaking with the teacher I am working with on STLP and the VEX robot. I think I may have the students, rather than create a digital portfolio of their school/class work, make their blog website a digital portfolio of all of their work with robotics. I didn’t realize how many different aspects there are, different competitions they can enter, etc. They can create designs and post them to their blog, take videos of their practice with the robot and post them, blog about their experiences, and much more. This would still be a great thing to show middle schools when they apply at the end of the year, especially if they plan to apply to one of the technology or science magnet schools. As far as a timeline, our next meeting is Monday 10/10/16. I’m going to plan to have the students set up their blogs that day. We have meetings on the following dates: 10/17, 10/24, 11/14, 11/28, and 12/5. I would expect them to have at least one post per meeting, but they could choose what to put on their blog. They could post more if they wish.


My project proposal:

The purpose of this project is for STLP students to create a blog website that serves as a digital portfolio of their academic and school-related work. The audience will be staff members at the middle schools to which the students apply. The STLP students will have the freedom to design their blog however they choose to show their personalities, as well as the freedom to choose which items to add as part of their digital portfolio. I will require them to have an intro page of some sort and at least ten pieces of work displayed on the website. How they present the work, whether through copying and pasting text from a document, taking and posting pictures of their projects, or scanning a document to post, is entirely up to them. They can even include items created during STLP as part of their portfolio. They will need to include some form of description with each item to explain what it is. This will take approximately eight weeks from start to finish. I would use the computer lab, which has AB Tutor, to demonstrate for the students on their screens how to create and set up their blogs. We can use the iPad to take pictures of and/or record footage of any items to put on their website.

2 thoughts on “20% Project

  1. Hello Jennifer,

    After reviewing your 20% proposal, I just have a few questions.

    This project for your students seems very similar to what we are doing for this and other LME classes, so how are you going to incorporate something new that you haven’t done before? Are you going to have them use a new website building tool? I understand the ultimate goal is to have a digital portfolio, but what will 3rd graders (assuming you are doing this with your current group?) use this portfolio for besides being a type of digital “take-home folder”?

    I am anxious to see how 8 year olds do with creating their own websites! I look forward to seeing your progress.

    Kayla Rishell

  2. Digital portfolios are wonderful ways to display student work as long as you are abiding by all regulations. I would make sure that I had a permission form filled out and signed by the parents and students who are completing this project. I also suggest that you have a very in-depth training with your students about Digital Citizenship so they know the types of information they can and cannot share online. Have you looked into something like http://kidblog.org/home/ so you can control the contents of what students post and who can view it? Here is an article with 10 different possible tools to use for student portfolios: http://gettingsmart.com/2016/01/10-tools-to-create-online-student-portfolios/ Have you thought about students using a tool such as ThingLink as a digital portfolio? It can be used on the iPad and computer easily and you can link almost anything to it. If you have any questions about ThingLink I would be glad to assist you if you are interested. My last question is how exactly are these digital portfolios going to benefit your students? I look forward to seeing your project develop and how creative your students are throughout this project.

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